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Listing Down 10 Currency Converter Apps For 2024

Currency converter applications have become essential, especially for investors, travelers, and anybody making overseas purchases. To help you make better financial decisions, they offer various services, accurate conversions, and up-to-date currency rates. There are many well-known currency conversion apps in 2024. The top ten currency converter applications will be discussed in this blog, and their features have been compared with others.

1. Xe Currency Converter

Xe Currency Converter is a one-stop shop for users looking for exchange rates, money transfers, rate notifications, analytics, and payment monitoring. With 10 million downloads, it is not just the most popular currency conversion app but also a leading example of a financial app.

Furthermore, Xe Currency Converter raises the bar for user experience by paying attention to even the slightest aspects. Over 130 different currencies are currently supported by Xe Converter, and users can even switch tasks in the middle of a transaction. It also provides graphic representations of past data going back ten years.

Users can set up accounts, invite an infinite number of people, check currency rates in real time, send money abroad, and keep track of financial transactions. Additionally, the application sends push notifications containing the ideal mid-market pricing.

2. Currency Converter Plus

A superb example of iOS and Android app development is Currency Converter Plus. It has 4.8 Google Play reviews and more than 5 million downloads. It is renowned for providing excellent customer experiences.

This program delivers the most recent and historical exchange rates for 170 different currencies, bitcoin, and precious metals. Moreover, the AccuRate API has a reliable backend and accurate rates. Real-time charts, a conversion history, and offline and airplane mode accessibility are all provided by Currency Converter Plus.

3. Easy Currency Converter

Using the user-friendly Easy Currency Converter tool, create your list of currencies. Users can quickly convert currencies, view historical graphs from 2011, and keep track of changes in exchange rates worldwide. The app refreshes exchange rates every second and supports 300 currencies, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. A dim mode is additionally offered to save data and battery life.


4. Currency Foreign Exchange Rate

Currency Foreign Exchange Rate provides real-time statistics and mobile portfolio value tracking for forex investors and tourists. It has a remote location inactive mode and hourly currency rate updates.

Users can alter exchange rates, bookmark their preferred currencies, and sign up for SMS notifications to get real-time information. While Android is still in its infancy, the app has over 1 million active users on iOS.

5. All Currency Converter

All Currency Converter stands out by providing a real-time calculator supporting 168 currencies, Bitcoin, gold, and silver. It has a graph feature showing monthly variations, bank rate statistics, tip calculators, widgets for the home screen, and national profiles.

It does not support offline mode because of its vast internet search capabilities. Still, an iOS version may be on the way, given how quickly Android users have adopted it.

6. My Currency Converter & Rates (iOS)

My Currency Converter is a top-notch conversion app for iPhone users. You may access the conversion rates for 150 different currencies without an internet connection because it supports offline mode. Furthermore, it sets itself apart by offering accurate real-time updates with up to three decimal places.

Mobile users can perform computations without navigating between programs because the app comes with a calculator. It also offers exchange rates for virtual currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin. More than 60,000 users, a 4.8-star rating, and an easy-to-use user interface all contribute to My Currency Converter’s success.

7. My Currency Converter

Android users, don’t worry; there’s a version for you, too. My Currency Converter for Android offers exchange rates for 130 currencies, just like its iOS equivalent. Because it functions flawlessly offline, it benefits internet users and website visitors. The app has received a 4.7 rating and more than 1 million downloads on Google Play, which points to a good user interface and clear design.

8. Currency (Apple Watch)

Apple Watch, iPad, and iPhone all support different currencies. The currency application features a minimal interface for the Apple Watch’s tiny display. Users can access and convert 160 foreign currencies while offline.

Currency, a free app, provides a freemium business model with in-app purchases and an annual USD 19.99 premium edition.


9. Callista Currency Converter

Calista is the finest currency converter application for Microsoft and Windows devices. It offers unrivaled convenience on Windows devices by providing real-time exchange rates for 72 different currencies worldwide. Callista also makes currency conversions for and against Bitcoin possible.

One of its distinguishing characteristics is that it is completely free and ad-free, providing a seamless user experience.

10. Forex Currency Rates

To facilitate daily currency conversions, the Forex Currency Rates app was developed. It is optimal for traders and travelers requiring current exchange rates. As it supports 140 currencies and precious metals, this app is a powerful instrument for professionals.

Users are able to alter comparisons, view graphs and charts, compare various currencies, reverse currency selections, and even add specific coins to their list of favorites for quick access. Forex Currency Rates Pro is free for users who prefer ad-free browsing. This program is sustained by advertisements.


In 2024, many innovative and user-friendly currency converter apps will be available to meet the diverse requirements of tourists, investors, and financial enthusiasts. These applications are essential in today’s interconnected society because they provide real-time currency rates and various additional functions.

Users can choose the best currency converter app for their requirements, including the feature-rich Xe Currency Converter, the accurate My Currency Converter & Rates for iOS users, and the user-friendly Currency Converter Plus. Due to the simplicity of offline functionality, it is possible to access vital data even when internet connectivity is limited.

These currency converter applications are technologically advanced, as they simplify complex financial transactions and provide information on current global currency trends. Whether planning a trip, managing your finances, or being interested in currency exchange rates, these applications are your trusted companions. Download your preferred currency converter app immediately to embark on a journey of immaculate currency conversion.

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