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How Much Does It Cost to Make an App like Instagram?


Instagram is the most popularly used app nowadays. It has become the first and top choice for active users recently. The app contains over 2.35 billion users approximately. The exceptional growth and popularity of this app have highly raised its standards within the industry, which is now considered a valuable platform for business purposes and individuals. Brands and companies use Instagram to promote their business on a large scale.

If you plan to build an application like Instagram, you must wonder about the cost implications.

The app development cost could range from $30,000 to $500,000. Expenditures will include the security of an application, keeping it up to date, maintenance, making it appealing to the users to increase engagement, and multiple factors.

The other factors that will contribute to cost expenditures are:

  • Hiring an application developer for the project from a reliable Development Company.
  • Hiring UI/UX designer.
  • the complexity of an application
  • The location from where you are hiring a developer.

In short, the cost of creating an app like Instagram might vary significantly based on many factors.

In this blog post, we will help you to develop an Instagram-like app through the business model that Instagram follows and how much cost it would take to create such an application.

Calculating the Cost to Develop an Instagram-Like App

Develop an Instagram-Like App

High expenditures may increase when it comes to creating an app like Instagram. The application’s aesthetics and the overall design also play an important role, just as the location from where you’re hiring a developer does. The hourly rates of a developer are a significant cost factor too.

If you want to develop an Instagram-like app with a distinctive user experience, the cost can rise to around $500,000. A unique user experience requires more features and functionalities. Moreover, a lot of time and resources are necessary to implement and design such features. As a result, the cost of development may increase. However, the real price might change based on several factors.

The complexity, feature set, design, and development processes all determine how much it will cost to create an app similar to Instagram. We can provide you with a formula through which you can calculate the estimated amount required to develop an Instagram-like application.



Creating an application like Instagram requires several stages, including requirements analysis, design, development, launch, and maintenance.

The cost of creating such an app often depends on several things, including the features it offers, product management, native app development, backend development, quality assurance, and mobile app design. We can now analyze the many elements that impact the total cost of a social media app since we have given you a valid formula for calculating that cost.

Elements That Determine How Much It Costs To Create An Instagram-Style App

Instagram-Style App

Social media has now become an essential part of our lives. Due to the increasing demand for social media platforms, Instagram has become today’s most famous social media platform. Many Companies and individuals want to develop an app similar to Instagram that can provide a unique and simple user experience. However, creating an app similar to Instagram is an expensive procedure. Here, we will discuss multiple factors that affect the expenses in development.

The Complexity of an Application


App complexity is one of the most important factors impacting the expenses of developing Instagram-like apps. The more advanced features and functionalities you want your application to have, the more costly it will become to develop. Features, including image and video filters, editing tools, and real-time engagement, require advanced development skills and technology.

Designing Application

Designing Application

The designing of an application is the core part of the development process. Hiring an expert designer who can create a user-friendly and appealing interface requires high expertise. An experienced designer will make your app intuitive, which will increase and build up user engagement. Thus, investing in an expert app designer can affect the expenses.

Compatibility of Platform

Compatibility of Platform

An application’s overall cost may vary depending on how well it works with different platforms like iOS and Android. It takes more time, programming, and testing to create an application that functions flawlessly across several platforms, which can raise the cost of development.

The time requires to develop an Application

develop an Application

The time taken to develop an app similar to Instagram affects the cost. If you want the developer to complete the project quickly, the developer would have to work extensively, leading to high costs. However, working for a long time may also result in higher costs because developers might charge more for an extended period.

Maintenance of Application

Maintenance of Application

After launching the app, maintenance is constantly required to keep the application up-to-date. The app’s maintenance involves privacy, security, and regular fixing of glitches. Also, the addition of new features and constant improvement is required. It is important for the user’s engagement. This results in higher expenditures and affects the cost.

The Development Company’s Location

Development Company's Location

The company’s location influences the cost of producing a social media application. For instance, Development companies that are located in the subcontinent demand a lower paying scale as compared to the development companies that are located in US or UK.

Cost Optimization for Instagram-Styled Application

instagram Styled Application

If you aim to create an Instagram-styled app, try to develop a Minimal Viable Product. It is a basic version of your application in which the core functional features are added initially. The product can be launched in the market by investing a minimal amount. With this strategy, you can receive user feedback to develop advanced features and functionalities further.

Some factors should be considered when creating (MVP) Minimal Viable Product for an Instagram-like app. These factors include

Developing main features

Developing main features

Only the most important features should be included in your Minimal Viable Product. It will help you save money and time.

Enhance user experience

Enhance user experience

Your minimal viable product should be user-friendly. It must contain simple and optimized features. Your application should be easy to use and provide users with clear instructions and proper guidance.

Prioritize using off-the-shelf solutions

off-the-shelf solutions

Do not try to develop everything from scratch. Utilize off-the-shelf solutions to decrease the time and expenses of development. For example, you can go for pre-built user interface templates. Also, consider integrating third-party APIs for features like photo editing.

Focus on functionality over design

functionality over design

Appealing design is essential, but there should be other focuses than your main focus when creating an MVP. Instead, emphasize its functionality and make sure your app is usable and matches the demands of your target market.

Developing an Application Designed like Instagram

Application Designed like Instagram

You must follow a proper successful strategy to develop an application like Instagram. The plan must include efficient designing, development, effective planning, and awareness about the needs and requirements of your targeted audience.

You may make an Instagram-styled application that stands out in the competitive digital market by following the guidelines.

Define the purpose of your application

purpose of your application


Choosing an objective is the first step in creating an application like Instagram. Will it be a social media site, a photo and video-sharing app, or a mixture of both? You may choose your app’s essential features, appearance, and functionality by determining its primary purpose.

Identify the audience you want to target

target audience's

Once you have defined the purpose of your application, you have to identify the audience you want to target. Who is going to use your application? What are they looking for that will develop their interests? What features do they want? It is important to know who they are to design a user experience that fulfills your target audience’s wants and expectations.

Create Prototype


Create a prototype of your application before developing it. A prototype is a simple version of your software that helps visualize its interface and features. Spotting potential issues at an early stage could eventually save you time and money.

Begin the Development of Your Application

Development of Your Application

You may start designing and building your app once you’ve determined its development purpose, target market, and platform. This includes creating wireframes, a user interface, and the application’s functionality through coding.

Application testing before launching

testing before launching

It’s important to properly test your application before launching it to ensure it satisfies your consumers’ demands and expectations. Before making your software available to the general public, you may use beta testing to get users’ feedback. When you are satisfied with your application, you may release it on the Google Play Store or the App Store.

Keep your application maintained and updated

application maintained

Ensure your application remains relevant and fulfills your customers’ growing demands. Maintaining and upgrading your application after it has been launched is important. This includes fixing bugs, incorporating new features, and improving the functionality of your program.


Social networking applications have taken over the modern world, and having an app like Instagram could benefit your company. Your app may stand out and lead in the market by giving customers a fresh and enhanced social networking experience. You can build a vast audience for your app and expand it over time by starting with an easy plan and progressively adding additional features.

Users are constantly seeking something fresh and distinctive. Therefore, it’s important to remember that staying one step ahead of the competition is essential for long-term success. Thus, user interest and engagement may be maintained by regularly updating and improving the app’s features.

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